Home Security #10 – ESCAPE TO A SAFE ROOM

The third step in our, “Home Invasion Response Plan”, is to design and implement an effective plan to: Escape to a Safe Room. As your Home Security Consultant, I want to ask you an important question. What is the Safest Room in your home? It may be the Master Bedroom with a Walk-In Closet. Choose a location that other family members can access quickly, during a Home Invasion or other emergency.

  •  Consider adding an alternate exit door in your safe room, to escape outdoors, or to a  trusted neighbor for protection.
  •  Create the ability to monitor your CCTV Camera/DVR recording surveillance system  from your Safe Room. This allows you to detect the location of home invaders.
  •  Install a local land line phone service jack in your safe room with the ability to call 911.
  •  Consider installing a Attic Access Ladder in your walk-in closet space, (escape route).
  •  Communicate with FSR (Family Service Radios) to those isolated from the safe room.
  •  Fortify the entrance to your safe room & walk-in closet with Solid Hardwood Doors.
  •  Have a Secure Safe or Gun Vault professionally installed in your safe room.

Hopefully you will never be forced to Escape To A Safe Room, but a little bit of planning can go a long way, in helping survive a Home Invasion ~We are dedicated to: Giving You The Keys to Living in “Securedwellings.com” :)   


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Homeland Security #9 – Indoor Obstacle Course By Design

The next step in our ”Home Invasion Response Plan”, is to Design an Indoor Obstacle Course. When dedicated home invaders make it past your Guard Dog and continue to pursue you through your home, how can they be slowed down? Ladies, as your Home Security Consultant I want to encourage you to get more involved in this plan by redecorating the interior of your home :)  This might involve simply rearranging your existing furniture, or going on a shopping spree to purchase interior obstacles.

  • I kind of thought “Shopping Spree” would get your attention. It’s time to think about what kind of items you could pull down or swing behind you. What would create an effective Indoor Obstacle Course that would allow you to buy valuable time and escape to a Safe Room? 
  • Place a Large Coat Rack near your Front Door Entrance
  • Tall Grandfather Clock by Bedroom Hallways or Stairwells
  • Strategically placed Bookcases by Sliding Glass Doors
  • Trash Can or Recycling Bin by Entrance to Laundry Room & Garage.
  • Plant Stands, Tables, and Chairs can be used in a hurry to create obstacles.

Every second is critical when being chased. You can use your environment to gain the time needed to escape. Walk through your home and identify and place instant barriers along the escape routes to your safe room. This will allow you to live in “Securedwellings.Com”   :)

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Homeland Security #8 – Who Let The Dog’s Out!

  • Another option you might consider in yourHome Invasion Response Plan”  would be to get a Guard Dog. The right dog can help protect you and your family while providing a good deterrent and audible alarm system should someone try to break in. Guard dogs can be trained to protect your home or business when you’re home or away. Professional thieves realize that most ‘Watch Dogs’ can be bribed with treats, and will watch the thief steal you blind without ever even barking. You need a Guard Dog, not a Watch Dog!

Here are some Recommendations for Choosing a Guard Dog:                                                 (A) Get a large enough dog that can physically protect you against assault. (B) Select a breed with good temperance characteristics around small children. (C) Try to choose a dog with a protective nature that could provide enough of a distraction to an Invader, for you to escape to a secure location. (D) Consider visiting your local animal shelter to adopt your guard dog. Most of these dogs are great judges of human character. Find one that warms up to you easily.  

Specific Training Techniques for Your Guard Dog:                                                       #1- Bark On Your Command / Stop Barking On Your Command.                                                  #2- Not To Accept Food or Treats From Strangers, (only close family members).                         #3- Outer Perimeter Defense Patrol / Inner Perimeter Security Sweep.

Posting “Beware of Dog” signs at entrance points:                                                                     Remember that it is your responsibility as a Guard Dog Owner to post ‘Beware of Dog’ signs at the entrances to your property, home, or business. This will help protect you legally in the event you hear a would-be invader scream, “Who Let The Dogs Out”!  Check your local laws regarding guard dogs and continue to live in, “Securedwellings.Com”



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Homeland Security #7 – Home Invasion Response Plan

Most people mistakenly think that “home security” means only securing points of entry,  or discouraging criminals with motion lights, sensors and alarm systems. But are you prepared to defend against a violent attack inside of your home? You must develop a Home Invasion Response Plan before you get involved in a fight for your life. After your home security alarm detects entry and the siren starts blaring, the typical emergency response time by local Law Enforcement Agencies can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Criminals are aware of this and many will continue with their violent home invasion. What can you do to protect yourself and your home’s occupants?

Home Invasion Response Plan: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.   #1- Develop your Response Plan around minimizing confusion. Communicate clearly what each family member should do when they sense the home is being invaded. It is wise to have children hide under their bed or in a closet until they hear from you. #2 - Identify the Threat. If you’ve followed my recommendations (Homeland Security #4) and installed a CCTV Camera/DVR recording surveillance system, now is the time to scan your monitor to Identify the Threat. Our system has motion activated cameras with visual alerts to pinpoint recent motion and location of intruders. Is it your family pet, or is the threat real? #3- If two adults are home, one should call 911 and a close neighbor while continuing to monitor all movement on the security cameras. Another adult can now check on the safety of any children starting with the closest bedrooms and bringing each child back to the protection of the other adult. A good set of FSR’s (Family Safety Radios) would come in handy to communicate in this situation, while freeing up the use of your cell phones. #4- Continue to update the 911 operator and inform them of your exact location in your home. (ex: “We are all in the Master Bedroom located on the North-West side of our property”) When Law Enforcement shows up on the scene, it’s important that they know exactly where you are to avoid confusion. 

Don’t put this off, make your Home Invasion Response Plans today!      :)



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Homeland Security #6 – Jury Instructions on Self Defense

Self Defense Against Assault: It is lawful for a person being assaulted to defend themselves from attack if there is reasonable grounds for believing they will suffer bodily  injury or death. You may use what ever force is reasonably necessary to prevent injury. Deadly force is only considered reasonable to prevent ‘Great Bodily Injury or Death’.  (The use of excessive force to counter an assault may result in civil or criminal penalties)

Limitations on the Use of Force in Self-Defense: The right of self-defense ceases when there is no further danger from any assailant. When you render the attacker incapable of inflicting further injuries, the law of self-defense ceases and no other force may be used. You must stop when no more threat exists. 

Use of Firearms or Other Deadly Force in Defense of Life and Body: The use of deadly force may be justifiable when necessary to resist any attempts of  forcible or life threatening crimes. The person using deadly force must only act under the belief that such force is necessary to save themselves or others from death or a forcible and life threatening crime. (Murder, Mayhem, Rape, and Robbery are examples of these crimes)

Protecting One’s Home: Any person using deadly force must have a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily injury to self, family, friends or a member of their household. Deadly force may be used against another person who is not a member of the household, who unlawfully and forcibly enters the residence and causes or intends to cause death or great bodily injury. (Please check your local self-defense laws)

Remember that abiding by local laws helps us continue to live in Securedwellings.Com  :)

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Homeland Security #5 – Defending your Castle

We have probably all heard the saying, ”A man’s Home is his Castle.” A person may defend their home against anyone who attempts to enter in a violent manner intending violence to any person in the home. The amount of force used in resisting such entry is limited to that which is reasonable to stop the degree of violent threat. In states with Castle Law one is not bound to retreat but may resist force with force in proportion to the intruder’s violence and persistence. The question of whether the use of firearms are justified for self-defense in a home invasion cannot be reduced to a simple list of factors. My next post will be based on the instructions generally given to the jury in a criminal case where self-defense is claimed, and will help to illustrate the general legal rules regarding the use of firearms in self-defense. We must abide by the law when seeking to live in Securedwellings.Com    :)

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Homeland Security #4 – Dept. of Interior Defense

Let’s imagine a home invasion in progress. What have we done to prepare and protect our loved ones from this very common occurrence? I developed this home interior defense plan because my occupation required me to crew up on a live aboard vessel every other week. This left my wife home alone in my absence. Love motivated me to these actions. (A) Installed an 8 CCTV Camera/DVR recording surveillance system. 4 exterior cameras monitor our entrance doors, and 4 interior cameras monitor our living areas. Multiple monitors, with Internet and smart phone remote access capabilities give great protection. (B) Home security alarm system that detects unauthorized entry to doors, windows, and detects motion, with smoke alarms incorporated. Most systems can be monitored 24 hours per day by security companies that will notify police and fire dept’s of emergencies. (C) Door stop alarms inside bedroom doors. (D) Get a good loud watchdog. One step at a time will go a long way towards always living in securedwellings.com.  :)

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Homeland Security #3 – Prevent Entry Defense – BLOG

     As your security consultant, I will now help you evaluate the integrity of your home’s primary and secondary entrance points. Let’s begin by drawing a simple blueprint of all entrance doors, windows, and sliding glass doors. Here is your prevent entry defense plan: (A) Replace hollow-core doors with solid-wood doors. Reinforce strike plates with 3″ long wood screws. (B) Install security screen doors outside of entrance doors. (C) Install quality deadbolt locks. (D) Smash proof your windows by installing “lexan polycarbonate film” to their surface. (E) Burglar proof all sliding glass doors by installing 1″ diameter PVC pipe in the bottom door guide. Implementing these recommendations will slow down forced entry while you put your home invasion response plan into action. Being prepared is a big part of living in securedwellings.com.  Please join our Securedwellings – BLOG,  just click on “Comments” below to post any questions, suggestions, or comments that you want to share. 

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Homeland Security #2 – Inner Perimeter Defense

    After penetrating the outer perimeter, the bad guys will continue through your inner perimeter. The space between your property line and your dwelling. This is the zone to implement a safety defense. Communicating that we are more prepared than the average person might cause a would be home invader to reconsider or move on to an easier target. Here are some effective suggestions: (A) Yard signs, “Alarm system” or “Beware of dog”.  (B) Flagpole displaying patriotic flags, “Army” or “Marines”. (C) Motion lights mounted on house that shine towards inner perimeter. (D) Guard Dog-on-Man defense! That’s putting the Bite on Crime :)   Stay tuned for Part 3 / Prevent Entry Defense, posting soon. Stay safe and remember we want you to live in securedwellings.com.

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Network Security in Cyberspace

 A very important aspect of dwelling securely on earth as it is in cyberspace is our computer network security. I will encourage my son Terry Jr. to post articles in this category because he is a professional in this area. He graduated with a degree in computer info systems. We at Securedwellings.com have recently applied to several PC Protection and AntiVirus affiliate marketing programs and will be offering direct links to their products and cybersecurity services in the near future. Keep coming back, we really care about you and your family living safely in securedwellings.com. :)

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